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Welcome from George

Hello All. Welcome to the site. First of all, I must say a big THANK YOU to my son Adam & his wife Kelly for constructing this site from my thoughts. I hope it proves useful to you. I have operated a list of socials for some time but found that it lacked important and useful information. I hope to put that right here. The site will, I hope, prove simple to operate and quick to load.
If you know of any other socials or events which are not listed on this site, and would like them to be, you might like to fill in this online form.
If you are seeking something a bit more than a social, you could try looking in the Events section.

What's coming

As the site develops I may be able to add many other venues and socials. NOW Open to anywhere in the UK.

What else

Please note that the maps are derived from post codes so the maps may not show exact locations but they will get you there in conjunction with the written directions.
SAT NAV users ......the post codes will get you close, but not always to the exact destination you need. So please print a destination local street map with street names and directions if available. This will ensure that you reach your required destination without too much trouble.

If you have a moment, please sign the guestbook as I would welcome some constructive observations on the site so far. If you need to contact me, please click here.

WWW Links

While I have your attention, here's a plug for my other webpage, www.copperknob.co.uk, where you will find the latest step sheets, linedance news and possibly photos I've taken whilst out and about.

And before you go, here's a plug for the DebRA website. It's a very difficult affliction and we hope you give generously. They could use the help.


Please note that whilst every effort is made to keep the information on this site correct and up-to-date, some of it will inevitably be incorrect owing to changes of which I am unaware. Readers should always check with hosts before travelling.
Also please understand that the presentation of any information within this site in no way makes representations as to the quality of what is available and I take no responsibility for any venue, social or event.


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